Monday, April 11, 2022

Sunflowers - What Do They Mean To You?

 Have you seen any billboards with Sunflowers ?

I would love to see such a billboard.  If you see one, I hope you will let me know where you saw it and what you thought when you saw it!

On a positive note, I am hearing about Ukrainians who have traveled to Mexico and are now clearing the US border.  A church and many volunteers, close to the border, have taken these people into their care.  News reports appear to sound like many are greeted by friends and relatives as soon as they cross the border (enter the US) and others are staying in US shelters for 1-2 days before they can get flights out of San Diego to join family members or host sponsors who live somewhere in the US.  And, all of these Ukrainians are positive that they will be able to return home to Ukraine soon.  

Did you know you can send a message to the White House?  

The Genocide in Ukraine and the scale of the war is heavy on my heart.  I can't look the other way and while no one wants to send their sons to war, no one wants to see WW3, I don't think America is doing enough to stop Putin.  Thus, I need to go dark on my blog for awhile.  My heart just isn't into it right now.  

4 comments: said...

It is a sad time. Surely positive change will come without another war. I have hope.

MissPat said...

The situation in Ukraine is tragic and infuriating. It seems that Putin will be allowed to get away with whatever he chooses to do no matter how heinous. And we as individuals are helpless to do anything but send donations to agencies helping the refugees and trying to get food and supplies to those isolated in the war zone.

Jocelyn said...

I have not been anywhere in the last few weeks due to my injury. And yes, it is tragic and sad what is happening to the Ukraine. We ought to be mindful that this madman also has sights on Alaska.

Needled Mom said...

It seems like the whole world has gone mad.