Friday, January 7, 2022

Fun Friday - Let's Chat About Spreading Kindness and Happy Mail


Happy Friday.  Sally and I hope you have a Fun Friday, full of joy and creativity too!  Today we want to discuss some fun topics with you and also solicit your ideas.  Please feel free to leave a comment or send us an email if you have any ideas to share with us.

Sally wants to share ideas for showing Kindness to Hummingbirds in cold Winter months by adopting a variety of ways you can keep Hummingbird feeders from freezing.  Click here for info.

Sally also wants to remind everyone that simple acts of kindness can spread smiles by painting a rock and leaving it for someone to find.

Sally and I also love to send Happy Mail surprise packages!  While we are not trying to solicit Happy Mail being sent to us, we do enjoy receiving it.  But we are uncertain if we should share on our blog when we do receive such?  We'd like to show it off, to recognize and thank the sender, as well as share inspirational ideas for what one might want to share via Happy Mail.  But again, we just don't want to act like we are soliciting packages to be sent to us?  So, what do you think?  Should we share insights about Happy Mail we receive ?  Can you tell we are struggling with how to handle this topic?

For those not familiar with Happy Mail, it really is just about anything you can mail that can let someone know you are thinking of them and might make them smile!  It could be a simple note, a card, a mug rug, luggage tag, bookmark, etc..  The possibilities are endless and it is so fun to "surprise" the recipient in that they don't know something is coming in the mail, just for them!  What a great way to spread kindness.

How to become a Happy Mailer ?   Anyone can send Happy Mail.  Sally and I hope you will join us where you send out at least one Happy Mail to people you care about and want to let them know you are thinking about them and sending happy thoughts their way.  

Need ideas for what to include when you send a Happy Mail ?

Sally comes up with great ideas for including in our Happy Mail packages.  She often says she helps to make them, but I think she just comes up with ideas.  She just spotted a new series of mug rug machine embroidery designs, for "Birthday Month".  She thinks this would be a great item to include to send out a Happy Mail package in the month of your birthday.  What do you think?  For those who enjoy stitching machine embroidery you can check out the lst release in this collection (January) at San Francisco Stitch Co.

Darlene is also making "Button Boats", using a pattern designed by Lazy Girl Designs.  These are great for organizing a sewing room, or just about anything.  They are also easy, fun and fast to make. And, you can lay them flat to mail!

How to receive a Happy Mail package from us ? Our goal is to send 1-3 Happy Mail packages every month this year.  We randomly select blog followers who sign up (see button on right hand column, or click here).  You only need to sign up 1 time, but you do need to be a blog follower.  To clarify, this isn't an entry for a giveaway but a way for Sally and I to simply periodically send Happy Mail to true blog followers, to let them know we are thinking of them.

Sally and I also appreciate hearing your ideas for Happy Mail.  We do hope you will consider joining us in 2022, by sending out Happy Mail to anyone whom you want to send a smile too!  One can never have too many reasons to smile and surprises in the mail are a perfect way to let someone know you care!

Lastly, we hope you are having a Fun Friday and that you have a wonderful weekend with plenty of time to enjoy and create.  We'll be back on Monday, as we have plans to share some quilty things we've been working on.  Sally has also said she'll help me clean and organize my sewing room this weekend, but I hope you don't expect to see any photos on Monday.  Not going to happen anytime soon!


Kathy E. said...

Sally has such a sweet, kind soul! I admire her for looking out for the hummingbirds, spreading kindness with painted rocks and helping you pick up new sewing projects. I'm not so sure she'll be an asset in cleaning/organizing your sewing space as I can see her finding fun things that may have been forgotten. I really like the Happy mail idea and it's one I should adopt too...with your permission. I think it would be great to see the Happy Mail you've received from admirers. Maybe one day every 2 weeks or once a month could be devoted to a post. Everyone likes to see their handiwork shown off!
Enjoy your weekend, you two!

Snoodles said...

I love Sally’s helpful ideas! I think Happy Mail is a fabulous concept and I went to see the button boats and I want to make some now! You enabler, you! Haha! I really needed another project! Not!
Seriously, I think the painted rocks are a great way to spread cheer, and happy Mail is too. Can we (other bloggers) participate? Spread the joy!

Laura said...

I think a fabric postcard would be lovely happy mail. The postage is also quite low for these lovely littles. said...

Sally is so thoughtful! Gertie and I would love to see the happy mail that you two have received. Gertie agrees with me that the happy mail recipients of ours can post about their surprise at anytime. It is also okay if they don't want to post about their surprise.

Gertie thinks that I can do a better job of posting a comment more regularly to the blogs that I read. I'm trying to follow her lead; but, sometimes blogger gives me a "whoops" and my comment is lost. . .sigh. . .techniology!!! Gertie and I are thinking about trying postcards. . .well, she's all in and I'm the one on the fence!!! Whatever you to decide to do, it will be great and loved.

KatieQ said...

I think readers would like to see the Happy Mail you receive. It might give them ideas about projects they can turn into Happy Mail.

Needled Mom said...

I love the idea of happy mail. It often arrives when needed the most. I can understand your dilemma about sharing. If I were sending, I would prefer it to be private, but as a viewer, I’d love to see what arrives. I’m no help, right?

MissPat said...

I am a recipient on Happy Mail from you and Sally and it arrived at a time when it was needed most (even though neither you or Sally knew that). I think it's okay to share the Happy Mail you receive. If someone doesn't want their surprise to be shared they could include a note in the package. We could all use a pick me up these days.

Raewyn said...

I love the concept of 'just because' gifts and happy mail sits right there. I would love to see the happy mail you receive because that in turn shares the happiness; and also because it's lovely to get ideas of what other people do.

Carol Andrews said...

What a great idea! Happy mail and being kind are such thoughtful ideas! Great theme for all of us to follow Darlene. You and Sally make such a great team 😉. The sweet little embroidery you sent me hangs just above my sewing table and Samantha and I both smile when we see it! 😄

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Of course show off what you get. It's always fun to get something in the mailbox that isn't a bill. We know you aren't asking for things, but people have fun gifting.

QuiltGranma said...

Share IF the sender says it is OK. If they do not want their name mentioned they should say so, but it sure would be fun to see what is going through the emails other than Bill's and advertising. Give us more ideas. I understand that someone sent a soccer ball, not wrapped through the mail. Hm, I suppose those happy rocks might be expensive due to weight?