Friday, October 29, 2021

Oh Look, An Inner Squirrel Party

 This is certainly a Fun Friday as Sally and her Inner Squirrel friends are hosting a Party and everyone is invited. You don't have to be, nor have, an inner squirrel, but life is certainly more fun with such a creative helper.   You'll find some humor, creativity, yummy foods, prizes and more at this party (aka blog hop).

Welcome.  Put on your party hat and a smile and meet our party hosts:

We hope you will come visit our blogs today, as each of us is participating in this Inner Squirrel Party (aka blog hop).

Oh, don't forget to enjoy some yummy squirrel snacks.  We do so love nuts, chocolate and I believe you'll even find some freshly baked cake at this party, possibly more treats along the way!

I also found this recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunkers and made a batch to share today.  They are yummy!  You can find this recipe at The Katy Rose.

We hope to get you to chuckle at our Inner Squirrel Party.  Time for some Squirrel humor:

  • Have you heard about the new squirrel diet? It’s just nuts.
  • What did the father squirrel tell his family? Acorn-y joke.
  • What did the squirrel wear on her feet? Cashews.
  • Why did the squirrel lay only its back on the river?  To keep its "nuts" dry.
  • A monkey, a squirrel, and a bird are racing to the top of a coconut tree. Who will get the banana first, the monkey, the squirrel, or the bird?

I hope the music is not too loud.  I also hope you will get up and dance with all the Inner Squirrels.  While we love to inspire creativity, we also love to dance!

Time to pull out some Inner Squirrel inspiration:

Are you familiar with Darcy Ashton of Ashton Publications?  Possibly you may know her from her book "Outstanding Owls Applique Quilting Pattern Book" or her "Owls With Attitude" for her machine embroidered applique designs.  Darlene wants to create with these lovely designs and I hope you do too!

Darcy has a cute applique' sewing pattern of a squirrel.  I think she was inspired by me when she created this fun applique' design.  Don't you see the resemblance?  I'm hoping Darcy will soon publish a book of designs based on Squirrels!  After all, we are cuter than owls and come in all sorts of colors and shapes.  And we have really cute noses, paws and fluffy tails!  Those owls don't do anything besides hoot.

Don't forget I've made some party favor gift bags. 

 There are five party gift bags to be given away, one in honor of each of the participating Inner Squirrels who are hosting this fun party.  For the most part, each bag is filled differently:

Four bags have a Mug Rug inside.  Did you know mug rugs also make great inner squirrel bed quilts?  

  • The fifth bag has a bar of yummy handmade soap, made by Evelyn Rose Soaps.  This is my absolute favorite soap.  BTW, Evelyn Rose Soaps also make great gifts. If you would like more info on how you can buy them, let me know and I can put you in touch with the maker!

If you have a preference for which party gift bag you receive, be sure to specify your preference in your comment on this post.

Want to win a gift bag.  Here are some simple rules and ways you can enter to win:

1) Visit the blogs where the partcipating Inner Squirrels hosting this party are sharing their humor, creativity,  fun and more to help make this party a merry one!   Leave a comment on each post you visit.  Consider introducing yourself if you do not already follow that blog, share some kind and encouraging words, and/or what you like about their part of the Inner Squirrel Party!  Here is the line up for this party (aka blog hop):

2) As Sally will be shipping prizes to the lucky winners (using Darlene's credit card) and postage has skyrocketed, Sally is only authorized to pay to ship prizes to US winners.  But if you live outside of the US and want to enter to win, you can work with your flying Inner Squirrel to come pick up your prize and get it back to you, or you can pay for shipping via PayPal (~$15 US to international winners).

3) All inner squirrels/bloggers are invited to this party and able to enter to win, including those who are part of the blog hop lineup!

4) Winners will be randomly selected and announced on this blog post on Monday, November lst.  Sally will also send the lucky winners an email.

You do need to be able to be reached by email.  If you are a no-reply blogger, please leave your email address in your comment (entry).  For example, Quilt Granma can leave comments but we can't contact her as her google account settings are at a default that doesn't give us access to her email account, thus we can't reach out to her.    Here is a link to a Youtube video tutorial to help no-reply bloggers fix their settings - click here.  


Thank you for coming to visit at our Inner Squirrel Party.  I do so hope you are having fun.  Don't forget to visit all the Inner Squirrels participating in this event (aka blog hop).

 ~Sally, an Inner Squirrel



Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

LOL--five squirrels having a tea party!!!

Linda said...

Sally you are a delight! :D I loved your post, and it's so nice of you to offer prizes to the readers.
Please tell Darlene thanks for letting Stormy join the party, and tell her Stormy thinks it's hilarious (and fitting!) that you unknowingly featured a recipe from Linda's old blog, The Katy Rose - lol!

piecefulwendy said...

Sally, you are a hoot! You have some cool prizes lined up. That recipe looks yummy, but Winnie has eaten up all the nuts, so we'll need to gather more. Greet Darlene for Winnie and I and tell her thanks for the fun party! said...

Sally, Darlene should let you post more often! I've enjoyed meeting you and parties are totally fun events. Thanks so much for coming up with such a great idea and for convincing Darlene to sanction it! What wonderful prize packages you have two have created! It has been so nice to meet even more squirrels! Thanks again for the fantastic party!!!--Gertie

Unknown said...

Sally, May I “steal” your jokes? Omg,instead of waking up to the news I am enjoying my first ever blog hop. Great fun?

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

What fun! There are many squirrels at my house - inner, outside, in the sewing room and out in the yard. Thanks for throwing the party - I'm off to visit!

Carol Andrews said...

Small I’ve been having sew much fun visiting all of the other squirrels attending your party and seeing all the pretty projects they have been sharing. Thanks for a tempting new recipe. I think Carol should make it for me. I do have to ask you to let Darlene know the contents of my goodie bag are hanging on my design board right close to the mini Carol made of me! 🐿😄

The Joyful Quilter said...

The Squirrel Party has been SEW much fun!! Thanks for hosting and offering prizes. I would LOVE to win one of your darling mug rugs! Either design is a winner in my book.

Sewgirl said...

What fun you are having. Thanks for your generous party gifts! They are all great!

KatieQ said...

Sally, thanks for being the inspiration for this fun blog hop. I have enjoyed meeting all of the other inner squirrels while hopping. All of the prizes sound lovely. I would be delighted to find any one of them in my mail box. We had to get a new mail box because the neighborhood squirrels made a mess of ours. They stored all kinds of yummy tidbits (yummy to squirrels that is) in our box while we were away this summer and chewed the door up pretty bad. Hopefully, my inner squirrel will learn some good habits by reading all of the blog hop postings.

teachpany said...

Sally, this is so much fun. Thanks for taking the time to inspire and make me laugh. Hugs,

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Fun Squirrel hop! I'm behind (6 weeks) on blog reading and just now getting caught up. No sewing mojo here since our trip.

Barb said...

what fun...I know my family will love those cookies.....thanks for the fun time.