Monday, October 18, 2021

Monday Mixup - The Big Reveal - Box #1, Door Prizes For Sally's nner Squirrel Party

 First, Sally and Darlene are hoping you are enjoying your Monday and have a wonderful week with plenty of time to create, share joy and spread kindness.  All is well with us, but so much going on we are not sure where to begin, or who should go first.  So, Sally tossed a nut in the air to pick who gets to go first.

Darlene's update:

Weather in Southern California has cooled a bit, making it more comfortable to get outside and garden, as well as go for walks.  We are seeing more days in the 70's, but in California we rarely see Fall colors.  Trees just go brown and drop their leaves.  Still, I've been enjoying time gardening and getting buzzed by the hummingbirds who wonder what I'm up to.

You may recall, I thought I was helping a friend who was looking to buy a serger.  I recently popped into a store to ask prices on her behalf.  I ended up buying two machines!  Totally not planned.  Today I'll share what was in Box #1.

You may remember this big mystery box. Have you guessed what is inside?

Well, it was full of great accessories:  

There is also loads of little places to store tools within the machine case, although Sally thinks these are perfect for storing nuts and chocolate.

I love the  cool box which contains just about every foot needed to piece, quilt, free-motion quilt and machine embroider.

More sewing machine notions and tools.

Plenty of bobbins, but buying more will certainly be in the cards.  One can never have too many bobbins!

Four machine embroidery hoops.  And look at the size of the BIG one.

There is even a scan bed as this machine can scan in artwork and digitize it for machine embroidery within the machine.  Way cool.  Have you guessed what machine I bought yet ?

It is a BabyLock Solaris II

And here is a list of what is included in Box #1

Right out of the box, without any official training, I was able to get this easy to use machine setup and running.  I was able to piece with a perfect 1/4" seam, freemotion quilt and ruler work quilt (the ruler work foot didn't come with the machine, but I already had a Westalee foot that fit perfectly on this machine).  I've also added binding on a quilt!  It stitches beautifully and is so quiet.   

My sewing room doesn't have the best lighting so it has been impossible for me to do much sewing in the evening, but the Solaris II has amazing lighting so I'm not even noticing when it is starting to get dark outside.  I foresee many late night sewing fun with this new machine, as well as daytime sewing.  Needless to say, I'm in love with the BabyLock Solaris II!

Sally's Update:

I have been busy getting ready for my Inner Squirrel Party on Friday, October 29th.  I will be sharing the line up of Inner Squirrels who will be joining me in the virtual blog hop part of this party, but you and all your friends, not just your inner squirrels, are invited to this party.  We have fun entertainment planned, plenty of peanuts and chocolate, music and more.  I'll also be hosting door prize giveaways, one may even include this cute acorn mug rug (you don't have to place your acorns on it either, as it works quite well for humans to use for coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.

Lastly, Darlene and Sally hope are you having fun, being silly and kind, as well as finding time to enjoy and create.  As always, we'd love to hear what you are up to.  


Kathy E. said...

Oh my, you are going to have loads of fun with your Brother machine...especially the embroidery part! Having a new machine to play with is such a treat and it sounds like you've enjoyed it so far! said...

I hope you will love your new machine. What fun and how EXCITING!! Hmmm and what has your friend said about your machine shopping? It was so giving of you to do that 'preshopping' for her!

Gertie wants Sally to know she is looking forward to the squirrel party. She's talked about a lot of options; but, true to her form, she hasn't solidified a plan. . . but, then again, perhaps, she has and is planning to surprise me!

Rebecca Grace said...

How exciting, Darlene! New tools and equipment can spark so much creative sewjo, in my experience, as the new features on the machine open up new possibilities and new avenues to explore! Have fun!

QuiltGranma said...

a great sewing machine with wonderful lighting as well, what is not to love? I foresee a lot of sewing in your neck of the woods this winter!

teachpany said...

Best wishes with the new Solaris. I'm considering joining you for the inner squirrel party, but don't have a plan yet. If you have suggestions, let me know! lol. I have so much on my plate, but a few nuts are always welcome, if robed in chocolate, lol.

Needledmom said...

Oh….how fun!!! You are going to love the new Solaris. I think you, the machine (and Sally) will be able to spend some happy hours together.

Karin said...

Exciting…great machine and no doubt lots of fun ahead.

KatieQ said...

The scan bed sounds wonderful. I'm usually not a jealous person, but I am envious of your Solaris. I have a Viking SE that I don't use nearly enough to justify replacing it, but a larger embroidery field would be nice. I hope Sally doesn't try scanning herself.

Barb said...

I have to say that is one awesome machine....I am almost envious...and I love the mug rug. Have a lots of light and a quiet machine are wonderful and all those goodies....I say lucky you, Enjoy!!

Raewyn said...

Oh wow, another fabulous looking/sounding machine (I'm reading your blogposts out of order this morning!) - I see lots of happy hours sewing in your future! Sorry I was not organised enough to join you as part of the line up for the Squirrel bloghop - it would have been fun but I look forward to seeing what everyone else has been up!