Monday, September 13, 2021

Monday Mixup: Updates from Darlene & Sally, Happy Mail Signup

 Welcome to another Monday Mixup post, this one by Darlene and Sally (Darlene's Inner Squirrel).  And, Sally is sharing a "few" of her ideas for Happy Mail packages to inspire you to signup for a chance to receive one, or more, as well as to also encourage you to make handmade and send out Happy Mail too!  After all, doesn't everyone deserve a smile coming thru the mail?


After boating in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) for several weeks this summer, I'm happy to be back home.  It is hot and humid and my body is in shock after being in the cooler breezes we enjoyed while on the water in the PNW.  Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the arrival of Fall and hopeful it will soon bring us cooler weather in Southern California and hopefully some much needed rain. 


My creative focus is sketching FMQ ideas for the negative space on my Nine sisters quilt.  Here are some FMQ ideas I want to try.  Sadly, I still don't feel I have mastered the swirl FMQ motif, but I plan to practice on small quilt sandwiches which will be donated to various animal shelters.  Once I'm comfortable with this motif, I will apply it on my Nine Sisters quilt.  Hopefully I can stitch out some swirls that look like small meteors in the sky.  Here are some ideas I've found on various social media sites.  

Sadly, I still can't find the original design which inspired me to head this direction.  I came across it this summer, but can't find it on Pinterest, any ways I would have saved it.  UGH.  The design was basically a circle with outline stitching several times and an elongated tail that traced back several times to the circle.  If that rings a bell to you, I would appreciate any hints.  I've been checking various social media accounts from well known FMQ Experts, but haven't found the exact FMQ motif that originally inspired me.  


When Darlene and I agreed I had way more creative ideas than she could keep up with, we agreed I would share my ideas on her blog in hope of inspiring others to create.  We also agreed I would be responsible for coordinating monthly Happy Mail packages which will be sent randomly to 1-3 followers.

What is Happy Mail:  A little package full of kindness to someone when they least expect it.  Something that would let them know you are thinking of them and wanting to send them a smile and/or virtual hug. 

Here is a very "short list" of some of my ideas for Happy Mail.  But Darlene and I would really like to hear your ideas for Happy Mail.  So please comment on this post and let us know ideas you have for making and sharing Happy Mail with others, as well as what type of Happy Mail you might like to receive. 

  • Cards,
  •  Mug rugs

  • Zipper Purse

  • Fabric Baskets

  • Table Runners, 
  • Jewelry

  • Banners, Door Decor

  • decorative Dish Towels, 

  • Coasters,
  • Kitchen Mitt, hot pads

  •  Ornaments, 
  • creative stamps or stickers,

  •  Candy, 
  • books, magazines,
  •  fabric, 
  • sewing tools, 
  • Fall Decor

  • Holiday Decor

  • tshirts

  • Hummingbird Swing

  • Key Fobs

Click Here to sign up to receive Happy Mail from Darlene & Sally.  Out goal is to send a Happy Mail package to 1-3 followers every month.  They will be randomly selected and the surprise package will be shipped to them, with an informal announcement on the blog "after" it has had sufficient time to arrive.  Only the winners first name (and blog name/url if appropriate, along with insights on what was in the package.


Rebecca Grace said...

That quilt of yours is going to be gorgeous. The swirls and curls you’re describing sound kind of like maybe a Karlee Porter design? She has some E2E, block and border designs in that vein called “Karlee’s Curls” on her web site. You of all people know that if you put in the time to practice, you CAN do those FMQ designs. I’m looking forward to seeing your process. And oh my goodness, I had no idea how badly I need a hummingbird swing until RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!! :-) said...

Sally, I like where you are going with helping Darlene on her creative journey and I really like your ideas!

Darlene, I've drawn a lot of swirls on paper. then I try quilting them. If I want them in a particular area and I am trying to make them the same size, I will place registration marks in the area I'm quilting. I like that my free motion is not "perfect" because it is done by my hand which makes it unique and something that no one else can exactly replicate. Karlee's Curls might be what you are thinking about. I have no doubt that you will figure out what works the best for you. Perhaps, Sally will take on the practice sessions so she can guide your hands when you are ready to work on your quilt?

MissPat said...

Swirls always give me trouble. Mine come out looking like ET heads, but it just means I need to practice them more. How about pincushions or needle books for Happy Mail. I love the idea and I'm glad Sally has agreed to manage thee process.

MissPat said...

FYI. Your survey form to receive Happy Mail doesn't allow for multiple answers to the questions about what seasons you decorate for and what holidays you decorate for.

KatieQ said...

Do hummingbirds really sit on swings? Mine zip in, load up at the feeder and quickly fly out. They occasionally sit on our spruce tree waiting to start a fight with other hummingbirds. Maybe they need a swing. Sally is full of fun ideas. I think Miss Pat who commented above has a great idea. I never thought of needle books or pincushions for Happy Mail.