Friday, September 24, 2021

Fun Friday - Insights From Darlene and Sally

 Happy Friday from Darlene and Sally.  We hope you have that Friday Feeling where you have an absolutely wonderful Friday, as well as a happy and creative weekend.

Darlene has bought new machines.  As she has a very small sewing room, she needs to sell off her older, but perfectly working sewing and embroidery machines, as well as a few other items.  If you are interested in purchasing a Bernina 730e, Bernina 830e, SewEzi portable sewing able, Koala cabinet, Bernina DesignWorks machine embroidery digitizing software (includes Paintworks tool/Sw and Cutworks tool/SW), or accessories for a 730e or 830e, let her know and she'll let you know as soon as she has everything gathered and details documented to share more info.  

Stay tuned, as Darlene will be revealing insights about her new machines early October.

Sally has oodles of ideas for new projects to share with you very soon.  But today, she just want to share insights about a fun event you can join for free and also get a chance to win great prizes.

Leanne, at The Devoted Quilter is hosting a 100 day challenge   called WIPS-B-GONE 2021, to encourage everyone to finish their work in progress (aka UFOs, PIGS, etc).  While it officially started on September 23rd, there is still time for you to join. And, I'm sure you have some WIPS in your stash that you would like to be gone in 100 days!

Participants will be sharing on Instagram using the hashtag #wipsbegone2021

Sally doesn't have any WIPS (UFOs) so she will not be participating in this challenge.  But, as Darlene has plenty of WIPS, she will be participating.  Here are her WIP goals for Q1 2022

We also hope you have a wonderful weekend with plenty of time to enjoy and create.  


Karin said...

New machine…I am intrigued. You are selling a lot of machines…

Rebecca Grace said...

Sally has NO WIPs?! Well, it's not too late to START one!! ;-). Darlene, I am DYING to know about these new machines (plural?) that you've purchased. Are you really going to make me wait until October to find out about them? said...

I too keyed in on the plural machines. . .Gertie and I can wait for your reveal though! We did join in on the WIPs Be Gone challenge. Late last night we even had a finish! How can October be just around the corner???

Raewyn said...

Oh yes - I'm looking forward to hearing about your new machineS as well! I've signed up to do the WIP challenge too - must get organised and update my Instagram :-)