Monday, August 2, 2021

Monday Mixup - My Goals for August and more

 Ah, it is Monday.  A perfect day to shine, create, enjoy and celebrate how lucky we all are.  Even with the challenges that life throws at us, there is plenty of good.  Like many of us, this past year I found to be quite stressful in many ways and it certainly influenced my perspective on life (not in a good way).  I've learned a trick that I find is helping me and I wanted to share, just in case you are finding life is a bit more challenging than you would like.  When I go to bed, I try to focus on the good things, anything that brings me joy and hold it tight in my heart.  And, throughout the day if anything happens to cause me grief, I try to think upon things that bring me joy and.  Quilting, creating, you and your kindness all bring me great joy.  So, let's be happy together it is another Monday and perfect day to shine.

Today I'm linking up with One Monthly Goal Linky Party, hosted by Elm Streets Quilts.  I'm finding OMG is helping me stay focused, although Sally, my Inner Squirrel, has been phone calling me and letting me know what classes she has signed me up.  At least she hasn't been using my credit card to buy stuff for me lately.

I originally thought that the needle turn applique stitching on my Herd of Turtles quilt would take me two months to finish this summer. I finished it in less than two weeks in July! 

 As I'm boating in the San Juan Islands the only other projects I have to work on are pretty much cross stitch.

Awhile back I signed up for the Sail Away Mystery SAL, with the Fat Quarter Shop, thinking it would be a fun project to work on while boating this summer.  It will be my 2nd cross stitch project ever and I'm a little nervous about it.  But I'm going for it as my primary goal for August.

The official SAL is over, but you can still find this Sail Away Mystery pattern on the Fat Quarter Shop website.  I love their description for this design "Sail away with us to another world of cross stitch bliss! The Sail Away Cross Stitch Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop is anchored with a boatload of nautical niceties that will make you feel like you’re stitching at sea in the bright summer sun".


We pretty much spend time anchoring while boating, fishing, crabbing, shrimping, hiking and observing nature.  We recently spent two nights at Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, which is one of the larger communities in the San Juan Islands, Washington.  It gave us time to provision the boat, laundry, clean the boat, as well as go out for a yummy dinner.  The town is bustling with visitors this year.  Big difference from last year.  The US/Canada border is still closed to non-essential travelers, but Canada has announced plans to open up on August 8th.  Still, there are rumors that the Canadian Customs is going to strike.  Either way, we've decided it is too late for us to plan time cruising further north.  Fortunately for us, there is next summer and with luck all will be right with the world and we'll spend the summer cruising in British Columbia.  Hubby is still on the fence if he wants to go to SE Alaska next summer.

Flowers are in bloom just about everywhere I look in Friday Harbor.

{below} I am not familiar with what this plant is, but I sure like it.  

{below} I'm not confident as to what this yellow flower is.  But it looks similar to what I know as a pink stargazer.  I've just only seen this bloom in pink!  Lovely flower and the plant was loaded with flowers!

{below}  This is another beautiful plant which I'm not familiar with, but I love the color of the flowers and how prolific the flowers are on this plant. 

We will be boating for a few more weeks in the San Juan Islands.  Currently moving into a northern area where we won't pick up a strong enough cell signal to post blog updates.   But, we'll be back in one of our favorite areas for hiking and observing wildlife.  Local birders are telling me they believe the hummers have started migrating south.  I will still keep an eye out for them, as well as birds that are more commonly found in Washington.  At our last anchorage we did spot several Kingfishers playing, as if they might be flirting.  It was a behavior we had never seen previously.  Clearly they were not trying to catch a meal.  We also spotted a pair of river otters having fun.  Sadly, all the critters were too far from our boat to catch a photo worth sharing.

Lastly, it seems like we need to recognize Quilters in the Olympics.  This Quilting Olympian is certainly giving her all to the sport!

Lastly, Sally my Inner Squirrel is looking for bloggers who find inspiration (and headaches) from their inner squirrels.  Leave a message if your inner squirrel might want to participate in a blog hop to voice their creative perspective, ideas, frustrations as well as how they enjoy chatting with other inner squirrels!


Barb said...

Ohhhhh those turtles are mouth is drooling. I am envious of your boating and the fun sites...thanks for showing. said...

Darlene, The pink plant could be an astilbe, the yellow could be a lily. . .yes, it looks like a stargazer! The last one could be a hardy fuschia. I loved Friday Harbor. . .of course, I was about 12 when I was there last; but, I remember it fondly! Enjoy your boating. I hope you will get other comments regarding inner squirrels. ..Gertie is currently building sand castles in Lincoln City. She let me know it is too windy and cool for my liking! She thinks she'll be back in the studio with me next week. I told her to enjoy some clam chowder and not to hurry!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My grandkids live in Anchorage, Alaska (a bit north for you). My squirrel has me so overbooked that I'm way behind on projects that have(had) due dates. I'm racing to catch up right now. If I can get these quilts finished by September (need time to get them long arm quilted) then I can participate.

MissPat said...

I agree with Terry about the astilbe and the lily (I don't know the variety, it is more yellow than Casablanca). The third unknown might be a fuschia, but could also be a begonia (I have 3 different colors with similar shaped flowers). Enjoy the rest of your trip. I have an inner squirrel (which I haven't named), but no blog, so I can't help with the hop, but I look forward to seeing how others co-exist with their squirrels.

Raewyn said...

It sounds like you are having an amazing time exploring! I too think the third plant might be a Fuchsia but stand to be corrected :-) My inner squirrel has been locked away for far too long.....with m limited sewing time at the moment I try so hard not to listen to her but do feel a little rebellion might be happening sometime soon...

Carol Andrews said...

Your turtles are simply beautiful! That third plant does look like a fuchsia to me as well. Sounds like a wonderful trip. My inner squirrel would enjoy playing with some others in a hop.