Monday, July 26, 2021

Monday Mixup: July Goals Update, Hiking in the San Juan Islands, Birding and More!

Happy Monday!  It is time for me to share an update to my goals for July.  I also want to share some photos from hiking in the San Juan Islands, highlights of my bird spotting while in Washington State, and more.


Today I'm linking up with One Monthly Goal Linky Party, hosted by Elm Streets Quilts.  

I'm getting into a rhythm of setting monthly goals and staying focused.  The OMG event has been very helpful for me and I enjoy seeing what others have accomplished every month too!

My goals for July was to "work on" my Herd of Turtles Quilt, thinking I wouldn't be able to finish the needle turn applique until sometime late August.  I also wanted to do some cross stitch on cards, as well as stitch my first official cross stitch on AIDA cloth using the Eat, Sleep, Stitch, Repeat design from the Fat Quarter Shop.

I'm happy to report that I actually exceeded my goals for July, as I finished 100% of the needle turn applique on my Herd of Turtles quilt.  Historically, I've always traditionally hand stitched an echo stitch for quilting any Hawaiian quilt.  But this quilt I plan to sandwich and do free motion quilting on it when I return home.



I made A LOT of stitching mistakes, but I enjoyed the process and I'm pleased with the results.  I definitely want to stitch this same design again, just to build on my stitching skills.  I will probably change the colors too!  I'm curious what colors you would use and if you consider such a design, made into something (e.g. a zipper pouch, or framed) would make a good Happy Mail package for someone ?

 My Cell phone and internet access has been pretty limited while we've been boating in the San Juan Islands.  We are currently anchored off of English Camp, Garrison Bay, San Juan Island. We love visiting here as there are plenty of beautiful hiking trails and shoreline to explore.  We've been getting off our boat daily to hike.


{above} This is a collection of bat houses.  It would be fun to come watch them fly out at dusk one day.


I'm having loads of fun learning to recognize birds by sight and by sound using the Merlin birding app.  Here are a few birds I've spotted recently and can recognize quite a few of them now (working on learning to recognize all).  And, this summer I'm happy to be able to spot a male and recognize it.  I figure I'll build on it and learn to spot the females and juveniles later.  Birding can be quite a challenge, but oh so fun!

American Woodcock

Black Oystercatcher

Band-tailed Pigeon

Belted Kingfisher

Brown Creeper

Canada Geese.  I'll confess I fell in love with Canada Geese back in the early 80's, when I saw a loving pair raise their little babies at Lake Tahoe.  This summer, while chatting with a fellow birder she says she has spotted a small flock of Canada Geese with very short necks.  Neither of us know if the short neck is truly a Canada Geese, or another species.  I'm keeping my eye out and plan to check with Professor Google, but if you by change know anything about a short neck (vs long neck) Canada Geese, I'd like to learn more.

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Dark-eyed Junco

Montezuma Quail

Northern Rough Winged Swallow

Norther Flicker

Pacific Slope Flycatcher

Purple Martin

Olive-sided Flycatcher

Violet-green Swallow

AccuQuilt Events

12 Days of Christmas sale ends today (7/26).  This is truly an amazing sale!  Yes, you can get 30% OFF on cutters, dies, qubes, and accessories (no code needed).  This is the best sale I've ever seen for AccuQuilt products!

AccuQuilt hosts fun online events to reveal new products, where they also share inspirational projects, good quilting tips, etc. And they have giveaways for those who register in advance and attend.  Click here to register for their upcoming event on Tuesday, July 27th 12-1pm CDT.  Oh, they will also be offering 27% off deals during this event.

You may have heard that Google was scheduled to pull their tool that enabled many blogs to email subscribers blog post updates (aka Feedburner) July lst.  I just received an email Alert from Google that this is now supposed to happen mid-August.  I'm now using a free tool called "Follow It" which you can opt into receiving email updates when I release a new post.  If you wish to receive my posts via emails, click on the green FOLLOW ME button on the upper right hand column of my blog.  It will walk you thru the simple step to sign up for such email updates. 

I hope you have a wonderful week with plenty of time to enjoy and create.  I'm going to start working on my August goals, which is a new and more complex cross stitch project.  I'll share more about this soon.  What are you working on?


grammajudyb said...

Glad you exceeded your goals. That always a "happy" day! Thanks for sharing all the bird photos. So many I an not familiar with. If I crossed stitched that little saying for framing in my own space....probably greens and purples. For someone else, may use those colors, they are great!

Needled Mom said...

Great job on your cross stitching. I’m so impressed that you already finished your turtles too. They’re beautiful. It’s sounding and looking like a terrific getaway. said...

Finishing your turtles already??? Wow! I hope you have fun with your free motion stitching. I like the colors you chose for your cross stitch project. . .course, any time red is included, I'm down for the project! I bet, brown, cheddar, orange, red purple would look great too!

Barbara said...

Love all the bird photos. I knew most of them, but not all of them. Your turtles are turning out beautifully.

MissPat said...

Thanks for the photo gallery of birds. I can only identify the really basic ones. And, of course, many of those you highlighted are probably specific to the West Coast (not those Canada Geese, however). Congratulations on overachieving your July goals. The turtle cute is really lovely.

Rebecca Grace said...

Gosh, those birds are beautiful -- and so is your turtle appliqué! That will be so fun for you to FMQ!

Lynette said...

Oh! Your turtle quilt is gorgeous! Congrats on getting all of the applique stitched in! I really enjoyed all of the birding photos - some critters are amazingly beautiful.

QuiltGranma said...

That is quite a collection of birds. Some I've never seen before. Beautiful applique. Have safe travels, my friend.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Wow, you did get lots done. The turtle quilt is lovely. I'd use red, kelly green, purple and bright blue for the words. Zipper pouches are sew useful. I never seem to have enough of them. Those raccoons are cute.

Patty said...

Love the turtle quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congratulations on your finish!

Raewyn said...

I love your Turtle applique - well done on succeeding your goals! Gosh what a great flock of bird photos - thanks for sharing them!