Friday, July 9, 2021

Fun Friday: My Creative Blog List, Birding with an App, Free Pattern

 Who is happy that it is Friday?  I certainly am.  Friday just screams Yeah Day to me.  And, I'm blessed to be able to enjoy it while sitting in a boat on anchor, in a beautiful bay in the San Juan Islands.  And, I've picked up 0-2 bars on an open wifi signal from a nearby ferry landing.  While not a strong wifi, depending on how the boat swings I can get a strong enough signal to write this post.  We typically setup a hot spot on our cell phone, but for some reason had problems with it this morning.  And my DH is now working on a small plumbing leak in our head (aka bathroom).  

I've also been enjoying time on the water while working on my Herd of Turtles Hawaiian quilt.  But I don't feel I've made enough progress to share pictures with you today.  Hopefully next week.  So, let's chat about creative inspiration.  I'll confess I'm beginning to miss Sally, my Inner Squirrel.  But I've been enjoying and admiring creative inspiration from a variety of online sources this week.  And, they often help keep me aware of what you are working on too (assuming you share your creative projects on Social Media, which I hope you do).

Where do you find your creative inspiration online ?  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs or ?

I find loads of inspiration from creative people who kindly share on all forms of social media.  But for blogs, I have found that My Creative Blog List has become an easy to use tool to follow blogs.  It is supported by Google blogger and they recently made a change whereby the default number of blogs on this list which are shown is maxed at 10.  But you can expand, to show all the blogs on this list, by clicking the button in the lower right corner labeled "show all".

If you would like to add your blog, or recommend a blog to be added to this list, you can email me with your suggestion, or use the contact form on the right column of this blog.

Be sure to bookmark

and visit whenever you want to find creative and inspirational blog posts on a large variety of blogs!  I tend to check every morning while enjoying coffee, but I'll often check back in the evening too!

I do reserve the right to add/remove blogs from this list, but for those that post a badge on their blog with link back to My Creative Blog List (to help increase awareness of this tool), I promise to never remove such blogs with badges.  To clarify, it is not a requirement to be added to this list, but is definitely appreciated and certainly will keep such a blog from being removed.

Are you a Birder?  The older I get, the more I appreciate birds.  I love to hear their songs, as well as sounds they make when calling to their loved ones.  Just this week I spotted a tern or a plover in a grassy lot, near the shore.  I usually see them on a shore, near the waterline.  This bird was calling to her loved ones and soon six little 2-3" babies came out from under the grass.  It was the first time I had ever seen baby shorebirds before.     I wish I had my camera with me, as I would loved to have shared a photo of them with you.  Silly me, as all I could think about was not having my camera with a zoon with me, when I could have used a new bird app on my phone to help identify which type of bird they really were.  

Kathy E of Hazel's Daughter told me about a bird app.  While I didn't think to use it when I saw the mommie bird with her babies, my goal is to use it to build my birding skills this summer and be able to identify more birds by sight and sound!

I've started using two apps:  BirdNet and Merlin The Cornell Lab.  Both of these apps are free from Cornell and I find easy to use.  This week, using  Merlin, I was able to identify the following birds by sight and by sound:

Anna's Hummingbird

White Crowned Sparrow

American Robin

Black Headed Grosbeak

Purple Fince

Brown Creeper

Cedar Waxwing

I spotted this beautiful design called "Dewdrop" by Heidi Pridemore, which is a free pattern download from Windham Fabrics.  It measures 34" x 40" 

And don't forget to let me know if you would like me to add your blog and/or a blog you like to follow, to My Creative Blog List.  

Oh, if you don't hear from me very often, over the next couple of weeks, please don't worry.  It is just that getting internet access will boating is limited.  I'll share more as I can.  In the meantime, I sure hope you are enjoying summer and finding time to create and spread joy!

PS - The toilet is now out on our swim step, being troubleshooted for where the leak is coming from.  Fortunately we have another head (aka restroom w/toilet).

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Bathroom leaks especially toilet leaks are generally not pleasant to figure out the issue. One would think it would be a simple process since there are few parts to a toilet. . .I'm appreciative that the weather is more in line with summer temperatures; but, I have noticed that the morning air smells and feels like late August. Enjoy the gentle rocking of the waves!

Needled Mom said...

Spending time on the water sounds so relaxing, but plumbing issues do not! Hope things get up and running soon.

Rebecca Grace said...

How lovely to picture you, floating in your boat on the water as you are typing your blog post! I love birds, too. Have recently discovered that if I get up very early on a Sunday morning, I can hear a cacophony of birdsong in my backyard and zero traffic sounds because no one has anywhere to go that early on a Sunday morning in the suburbs. It is like a glimpse of Eden to sit out there with my coffee!

QuiltGranma said...

I've lived most of my life in WA state, and have never seen one of those creepers! Thank you for sharing!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Hope you get that toilet fixed quickly. I find inspiration on blogs and Pinterest. I'm not on any of the other media's.

Amuhmm said...
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