Monday, June 7, 2021

Musings From An Inner Squirrel

Hello.  My name is Sally (yes, Sally the Squirrel, aka Sally the Muse, aka Sally the Inner Squirrel).  I am an Uber Muse.  I help provide amazing creative inspiration to those in need, focusing in on one person in need  at a time.  While I'm able to cover endless areas of creativity, my expertise is for quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiasts.  

I have cousins who focus on other creative areas (eg. painting, photography, house decorating, etc.).  I have a large list of  recipients of my inspirational skills, who have won big $$$ awards at major quilt shows around the world, many who have become published authors, as well as those who have published patterns, taught awesome quilting classes, and more.  Thus, I'm known as an Uber Muse!  Simply stated, I'm one of the best Muse you can get.

I hate to complain (aka rant) as I find so much joy when my subjects create beautiful projects after receiving my help.  But do they ever thank me?  Rarely, if ever.  Right now I feel pretty low as I've been abused verbally (called an Inner Squirrel) and even forced to help clean up and organize a sewing room!

My fellow Muse Squirrels are so familiar with the sadness of creative people who claim they have "lost their Muse" and can't think of anything to be creative.  Wake up people.  When you take your Muse for granted, or call her your "Inner Squirrel" in a shaming way, they do have the ability to go find some other place to set up residence.  So, you need to wake up and appreciate your Muse, aka your Inner Squirrel!

I've been working hard to help Darlene be creative for years.  It has become clear, after two recent quilt store shopping trips, where I pointed out awesome fabrics, quilting books, patterns, machine embroidery designs and more, but she ignored my recommendations for creative projects and walked out with nothing that I recommended.  Nothing!  And she shamed me, telling her Inner Squirrel to shut up!

She can't even buy me a cup of coffee, to say thank you!

Or how about a glass of wine?

I'm ready to pack and leave.

I'll be sending out my squirrel resume shortly.  I'm sure I'll find a kinder person, whom will appreciate me, as I help develop and grow their creative skills and continually feed them with inspiration!

After being called an "Inner Squirrel", in a tone that implies I'm not worthy it is time to leave.  I am going on strike and I want to be appreciated for my skills.  I am worthy.  Darlene may be busy focusing on freemotion quilting/ruler work for her King size Nine Sisters Quilt but when she is finished, she may just find a big wake up call when she realizes I'm no longer at her side to give her endless creative inspiration.  After all, she never said thank you for any creative idea I have given her, never has she shown any form of appreciation, not even a simple gesture of taking me out to lunch (which she does frequently with her quilting friends).

I'm off to update my resume and pack my bags.  Darlene needs to learn a lesson.  And, it starts now!


7 comments: said...

Too funny!! You will figure out a way to "tame" Sally a bit so you can work together. . .I've let my inner squirrel out . . . not free range; but, I'm enjoying the play. Hope you figure out how to strike a balance with Sally!

MissPat said...

I highly doubt you've seen the last of Sally. The outdoor squirrels in my world are terribly persistent, especially when it comes to digging up my flowers and pots. So I expect Sally will be back after she's done pouting or when she discovers that the grass isn't an greener on the other side. Fun read, Thanks.

Raewyn said...

There's a lesson in here - one that tells me not to shut that squirrel down - oh how refreshing!! Thank you for the laugh and the deep thinking that came with it. Time to Play!

QuiltGranma said...

Thankfully there are no squirrels in my yard, only in my mind! Due to hip replacement surgery and broken wrist earlier this year they have been rather quiet, knowing that no matter what NOTHING will be happening for a while! Now I'm taking care of hubby who got his shoulder joint replaced. This does not stop me from dreaming though.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Gee, if I didn't already have so many projects in the works, I'd think about hiring your squirrel. Cute!

Snoodles said...

Hi Sally, this is Suzy. Snoodlz inner muse aka squirrel. Glad to make your acquaintance! Aren’t these humans hard to handle? I have trouble with Snoodlz, too! I bet we will get more respect when they miss us. You know, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that!!

Needled Mom said...

Very clever. From the looks of that squirrel, I’d say you’ve fed her too well over the years! 😂