Monday, June 21, 2021

Monday Mixer - Welcome Summer Solstice, Western King Bird, Luggage Packed, FMQ using Ultimate Stencils by Cindy Needham and more!


Do you celebrate Summer Solstice?  I honestly have never done anything special to Welcome in this day, but I'm always happy that it arrives.  Maybe I've watched too many movies that show people celebrating Summer Solstice.  Is it just in the movies or does anyone really celebrate this day with a party or anything special?  Does this mean we have more time to create?  I certainly hope so.   If this is true, I'll be celebrating in my sewing room today as I think I need more time to finish my goals for June.   

It took us awhile to figure out we were admiring some Western King Birds this Spring.  We began to watch them as they were dating.  The couple now have a nest and they did an excellent job defending their eggs from Crows and even a Red Tail Hawk.  Their eggs have now hatched and we can hear the little ones chirp throughout the day.  If we stare up at the nest too long, one of the proud parents get upset and dive bombs us, so we try not to stare at them.  I haven't been able to get a good photo, so I snagged this one off of the internet.   We fly north  (wings provided by Alaska Air), so we won't get to see their little ones leave the nest.

Speaking of travel, we have our luggage packed and my laptop is backed up.  We fly to Washington State on Wednesday (w/o sewing machine, but I am bring a number of other projects I want to work on this summer).  I'll share more, throughout the summer.

I'm using the Ultimate Stencil Collection, by Cindy Needham to mark the star on selected blocks then it is fast to do the FMQ.  I absolute love all of Cindy's Ultimate Stencils as they are so versatile.  My FMQ is far from perfect, but I'm having a blast.  

I have enough of these blocks marked for a day of FMQ sewing.  But I have two days before I have to pack this project away, where I hope to finish it this Fall.  I am out of wash away fabric markers.  Should I go buy more tomorrow, or just stitch what I've marked so far?  Decisions, decisions?  A fine balance between staying productive and wasting precious time.  What do you recommend ?  


Karin said...

Decisions, decisions…I would stitch and get new markers on your return. Don’t like to leave markings in over extended periods of time. Anyway, safe travelling!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Finish what you have marked, but order new markers for when you return. Have fun on your trip. We leave Wednesday, so I've already packed my machine (going to a vintage sewing machine gathering first part of the trip). Now to get everything else packed. said...

I agree with Karin and Cheryl. Have a fantastic trip!

QuiltGranma said...

Have a great visit in WA State! Stay safe.