Friday, June 18, 2021

Fun Friday - Happy Mail Mini Quilt Giveaway Winner, National Splurge Day, Free Quilting Book, Herd of Turtles (Hawaiian Applique), Machine Spa Trip Update,

 Do you love Fridays?  I certainly do and there are so many fun things going on today, I'm about to burst.  I hope you have that Fun Friday feeling and are finding time to enjoy and create!  

I'll share a little bit about what I'm up to.  Of course, I also enjoy hearing what you are up to too!  So, please feel free to leave a comment and share what fun you are having today (or planning for this weekend).

First, I want to give a big shout out congratulations to SewGirl who is the lucky winner of my recent Happy Mail Giveaway (Patriotic Mini Quilt).  More details have been shared on that giveaway post and I also emailed and have heard back from her.  Her Happy Mail prize is already in the mail!  And, just to let everyone else know I do plan on hosting more Happy Mail Giveaways in the future, as well as sending out more Happy Mail to followers in general.  After all, Happy Mail is a great way to spread joy! 

Did you know that today, June 18th is National Splurge Day AND National Flip Flop  Day?  Both great reasons to celebrate.  As I haven't heard anything from Sally, my Inner Squirrel, for awhile (I think she is still mad at me and may have ran off with a more productive creative person), I'm thinking I may just celebrate National Flip Flop Day today and skip National Splurge Day.  After all, Sally certainly talked me into so many splurge shopping trips that my stash has a lifetime supply which exceeds my supply. And, I do have some cute Flip Flops to wear today.  Yeap, I'm celebrating National Flip Flop Day, but if you are inclined, I hope you'll celebrate National Splurge Day as it does sound like a great reason to splurge.

Have you heard you can get a free quilting book ?  Yes, AccuQuilt is giving a free copy of the GO! Pattern Book, by Eleanor Burns.  All you need to do is pay shipping.  

While my FAV machine was at the Spa this week, I spent a little time on my "Herd of Turtles" wallhanging.  You may remember that I set a goal of prepping this quilt for needle turn applique' this summer.  It is a wallhanging (27" x 39" project, which I bought the kit at  online at Quilt Passions.  I'm slow stitching, so there is plenty of time for you to order the kit (or pattern) and stitch along with me this summer.  Monthly, I'll be sharing the steps which I'm using, as well as happily answer any questions you may have and assist in any way I can.  

This pattern is flexible for those that wish to do raw edge applique or needle turn.  Again, I will be doing needle turn applique while traveling this summer.

To prep your fabric for applique':

The kit comes with the top fabric (showcases the turtles) and the backing fabric.  If you have a lightbox you can easily trace the pattern using your lightbox, onto your top fabric.  While I used to have a lightbox, for this project I used natural light and taped the pattern to a sliding glass door.

I then taped the top fabric, centered on top of the pattern and used a fabric marker to trace the pattern on to the top fabric.

Next step is to simply center the backing fabric to the marked top fabric and I pin baste, followed by using a contrasting thread to hand baste about a 1/4" - 1/2"  from the marked cut line (solid line on the pattern).

I'm hand basting using Aurifil thread in a red color which contrasts to the tropic fabrics quite well.  My goal is to finish this basting step in June, and I'll work on the actual applique' hand sewing in July and August, while I'm traveling.

While my FAV machine had "another" Spa visit this week, I'm happy to report she is back home and stitching beautifully.  Together we are continuing to do FMQ/Ruler work on my King Size Nine Sisters quilt.  I'll share more next week, as I'm in the home stretch of wrapping up my June goals for this project.  

Over the coming week, I don't anticipate I'll have that much creative time, but I'll be happy to find as much time as I can sewing.  I'm also packing for an extended summer trip, as we are heading to Washington next week.  And, I'm packing up our kitchen as we have a contractor friend who will be coordinating a kitchen remodel while we are away.  Woo hoo!  

I do so hope you are having a Fun Friday  and have a wonderful weekend too!  As always, I hope you find time to enjoy and create.  If you have time, I always enjoy hearing what you are up to too!

Oh, I almost forgot to give a shout out about Sewing Machines Plus Virtual Hoop Fest that has been going on this week and continues thru the 19th.  For those that enjoy machine embroidery, or want to learn, there are great demonstrations every day, great show specials, as well as amazing giveaways twice every day.  You can watch the daily show via SMPs Facebook page, or youtube channel.  Click here for more info and sign up for their emails with schedule info and more.

And, I hope you don't forget today is National Splurge Day.  You have my permission to splurge, as you desire.  Am I an enabler, or what?


MissPat said...

I'm glad your machine has returned from her spa visit so quickly. Must have been an easy adjustment. I think the "National Day of..." gods have made a mistake. Isn't National Splurge Day on Amazon Prime Day? So smart of you to plan an extended vacation to coincide with your kitchen remodel. I'm off to participate in "Sew in Public" Day at one of our LQS. I'll be working on a long-running EPP project.
Pat said...

I'm impressed that you have your turtle project prepped and ready for a start. I enjoyed stitching my penguin family. . .now, if I can just move a bit faster on the quilting of it!! Sorry about the visit to the spa for your machine. I hope you will be back at the quilting momentarily!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Oops! I splurged Thursday, not Friday. Oh well. Have fun on your trip, and hope the remodel goes well.

Needled Mom said...

That turtle project is going to be fabulous. Smart idea to have a remodel done while you are home. That’s a dream. Glad your machine is home and behaving.

Snoodles said...

Congrats to SewGirl! Happy Mail is the best! That turtle project is looking great to prep like that. Unfortunately, I sometimes dive in before I prep, and then have to slow down to do what I should have done first! Happy travels, and stay safe!