Monday, May 10, 2021

Monday Mixer - Young Entertainer, Wildlife, Shopping, Cross Stitch and More Blooms On Our Walk

Good morning my creative friends.

First, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend.  Are you familiar with Karolina Protsenko?  She is a very talented young woman, whom I've been following for sometime. I love her voice as well as violin playing. I hope to one day be able to hear her live, in person as she is so talented.  She posted this recent musical video on Facebook, with a special tribute to Mothers.  This song has many meanings, but as Karolina sings it with her mother it also makes me wish I had such a voice and could sing it with my mother.  I'm sharing today, as I hope you also enjoy it and will consider following sweet Karolina Protsenko on Facebook and/or Youtube.  I'm looking forward to seeing her continue to build on her amazing skills, as well as entertaining so many around the world.

We fly home on Wednesday.  I'm going to miss being able to find joy swimming with life in the sea, the beautiful tropical flowers, hiking/walking, time to relax and read books, as well as time to cross stitch (I can't take my machine on such a trip, so handwork projects are fun to work on while traveling).  Still, it is hard to walk away from such a beautiful place which offered the best sense of normalcy in over a year!

Yes, I've enjoyed the wildlife.  So many different birds and sounds that just make me smile.

Wild goats are also entertaining.
But the birds, may  be my favorite to watch.

Geckos always make me smile.

Shopping for fabrics to make a pineapple was fun.  I already have some fabric for this upcoming project, but thought these needed to come back home with me too!

I also bought some cross stitch patterns:

Quilt Passions in Kona, Hawaii has another make-n-take for $5 (includes all supplies) to make a snap bag, as well as another greeting card with fabric make-n-take.  This makes me wish I could stay longer, but just not do-able for me.  Still, if you are ever on the Big Island do check out Quilt Passions for their fun make-n-take classes.  If you have 3-5 friends you can talk to Karen about scheduling your own make-n-take class too!

Hard to see in my photos but these cards have two pop ups, creating a 3 layer looking card.  I'd love to learn the technique.  Maybe on another trip one day.

Quilt Passions also hosts a wonderful retreat every summer called "Quilting On The Beach".  If you are looking for a fun and safe quilting retreat and getaway to Hawaii, I hope you'll check it out.

Cross Stitch Update.  I'll confess I'm having problems "counting" cross stitch with what should be a simple flower.  My two attempts so far, both look pretty wonky.  I'll try another today, being more careful how I count.  I think 

I stitched a sentiment on some of the cards.

As a totally new cross stitch person, these are all far from perfect, but they were loads of fun to stitch.  And, they certainly make me happy.

New Blooms Spotted At Our Park Walk.  Interesting to see cactus blooming in a tropical setting.

A beautiful palm tree also had a spray of what I suspect are colorful seed pods, but I'm really not sure. 

Needless to say, I will miss walking at this park.

Did you realize May 10th is National Clean Your Room Day?
Me either.  Maybe next year!

Lastly, I hope you are finding joy this beautiful Monday and have a wonderful week, with plenty of time to create and enjoy.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love those greens and golds that you got. said...

Safe travels home. What a fantastic time you were able to spend among the various species of wildlife!

Karin said...

Beautiful nature shots...would love to see that.

MissPat said...

So nice that you had a very relaxing break in Hawaii. I laughed at the "Clean your room" day as it would take me a week to make any progress in my studio which definitely needs cleaning. Maybe I should send my machine out for routine maintenance so I wouldn't be distracted by sewing for a few days.

Barbara said...

Safe travels. Beautiful photos.