Friday, May 14, 2021

Fun Friday - Time To Work On My Nine Sisters Quilt, a Free EQ Quilt Design and an EQ Challenge and Giveaway!

 Update: I released this post yesterday(Friday) but Google/Blogger later removed it and sent me an email that it was against Blogger policies (e.g. inappropriate post on the internet).  As we can't easily contact a person at Google/Blogger, I posted "why?" on the Blogger Forum.  This morning I was notified my post was reinstated, thus I'm releasing it again, this time on Saturday.  

Whew, what a busy week.  We flew back home (not using our own wings) this week.  Good to be home.  This weekend I'm hoping to get back into my sewing room and back to work doing freemotion/ruler work quilting on my King size Nine Sisters Quilt.  You may remember that I set this quilt aside, turning it into an UFO to make the Exploding Hearts Quilt for a young couple who married in late January. Yeah, I'm happy to be able to start working on this quilt again.

You may also remember I tried to focus on using fabrics from my stash for this project.  I did end up buying some Moda Grunge and a few other fabrics, to balance out the greys & blues I already had.  I wanted a scrappy feeling, but I must confess I already want to make this quilt with more planned and coordinated fabrics.  But first, I'm looking forward to seeing this scrappy version get completed and that depends on a lot of FMQ/Ruler work to get completed.   

I love all things EQ (Electric Quilt) and wanted to heighten awareness with you of some fun EQ opportunities.

1.  I'm going to work on updating older EQ tutorials I released on my SewCalGal and/or QuiltShopGal blogs, which were primarily written in EQ6 or EQ7.  I'll be updating them to work for EQ8 with a goal of trying to release an EQ8 tutorial every Wednesday.

2. EQ released a free EQ Design you can download, called "Mother's Day Tea". 

 3.  EQ is hosting a month EQ Design Challenge featuring Dance in Paris by Zen Chic for Moda!  You can design a quilt in EQ, using this fabric and enter to win a bundle of this beautiful new fabric collection.  Click here for more info on this EQ Challenge (Deadline to enter May 31st).  These challenges are a great way to learn/improve your EQ skills, as well has have loads of fun.  

Did you know today is "National Dance Like A Chicken Day"?  Time to stand up and dance!  Yes, time to smile, be happy and dance!  I hope you have a very happy weekend and find time to enjoy and create.


Raewyn said...

So I wasn't the only one?! I had two February posts removed the other day and when I went to my blog it was titled "Dangerous Blog". Even though I woke up to reinstated posts the next morning, I felt very violated. The 7-sisters pattern is lovely - you can't beat a star quilt! There is so much to learn and do on EQ, I need to get back to doing some more of the tutorials!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Quite a few blogs were impacted by Google/blogger problems. As I clicked on my blog to write a blog post, my blog told me it was 'Dangerous' and was deceptive and full of malware, etc. I contacted another blogger, and it was happening on her blog, too. The Google/blogger blog had lots of complaints on it. I lost a blog post, while some lost several blog posts. All their blog said was that they were working on the problem. We still don't know what went wrong. It was very unnerving, to say the least.

Needled Mom said...

Blogger can be so irritating at times. I really like your star quilt. Beautiful blues!