Friday, April 16, 2021

I Choose To Be Happy - And I Wish You Happiness Too!


I was inspired by a painted rock, aka Affirmation Rock.  It was created by Laura Kane of Alleluia Rocks and she sells her artwork on ETSY.  This particular rock is only $16.50 and she has  ~3,400 reviews on ETSY, all quite positive.  Good for her to use her creativity to help spread happy thoughts!  I love to see creative people make money with their talents.

Currently, my "In between projects" focus continues, aka cleaning/organizing my sewing room. But the squirrel within me has found some yummy  fabrics in my stash, as well as patterns which I've been dreaming about for far too long.  Must be proof that an unspoken value of cleaning and organizing a sewing room is also a good step to reset our priorities.  

I was also distracted to focus on bringing my laptop up to being fully usable, from my perspective.  Months ago it was sent back to Dell as there was a break in the plastic case that made it very difficult (and scary) to close the screen.  I asked them not to do anything but replace the case (e.g. don't reset the operating system).  But it came back to me totally wiped of all my  software and data.  I had loaded data from backups and quite a few programs, but still had a few programs to install.  I kept looking to find my EQ8 software and spent time going thru my box where I store such programs (CDs), as well as searching my sewing room.  No luck.  I contacted EQ support and quickly realized that EQ8 didn't come via a CD to install, but a download from their site and under your account are the install codes.  Sounds simple to resolve my problem, but I had changed email accounts and wasn't able to access my EQ account.  I'm sure I'll hear back from them soon.  Either way, my bad but I think I see light at the end of the tunnel.  I do so love all things EQ.  And, I'm hoping to rewrite my older EQ tutorials this summer, to work with EQ8.

As I love all things EQ, I want to heighten awareness of an EQ Challenge this month and encourage everyone who has EQ to use this as an opportunity to learn/improve your EQ design skills.  And, for those that don't have EQ, 

I found a cute article on the Animal Channel website about a Woman and Her Hores, in the Get Up Challenge.  It gave me such joy, I wanted to heighten your awareness of it.  If you haven't already watched it, I hope you'll take a minute to check it out and that it also brings you  a smile.  But then, I might be enjoying it more than others would because I did get to grow up around horses.  They will always have a spot in my heart. And, the horse in this video - "Toaster the Mustang" is just so cute and talented.  I'd love to hug him as he does at the end of the video with his two legged girlfriend (aka owner).

Lastly, I will share today I departed my home base to go some place special.  Possibly you can guess where I've gone.  I'll share soon, but as a tease I'll share I can smell the flowers and everything is so green, but there are more people than I have seen here in 40+ years of visiting this special spot.  Can you guess where I am?

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