Monday, April 5, 2021

How Would You Caption This?


I'm thinking:
  1. I'm a Slow Quilter, but I can't stop smiling when I finish a project.
  2. I quilt slower than a Sloth walks, but I also get to where I want to go.
  3. I finished!

How would you caption this photo of a smiling sloth?

Have you guessed what I finished?

You may remember I was delayed waiting for the Every Stars Ruler, by Amanda Murphy to arrive.  Then I ordered and had to wait for the Hearts ruler set by Westalee/Sew Steady.  And then, when I thought I had every color of Aurifl thread, I decided I needed more purple Aurifil threads and had to wait for the arrival of my order of the Amalifi Purple Color Builder collection.   But I believe it was all worth the wait.

When I learned that a son of a dear friend was going to get married at the County Court in January (they had planned a big wedding in 2020 and originally thought they'd post pone it to 2021), I felt they still needed to celebrate, as well as receive wedding gifts.  I offered a gift of their choice (e.g. purchase something they wanted), cash (so they could spend as they desired), or a quilt.  The quickly said they'd like a quilt that the two of them could snuggle in and it was up to me to select the design and colors.  I felt it was kismit when I learned that Laural was hosting an "Exploding Hearts QAL" for her design.  

While the design is based on HST which instructions cover a variety of ways to make them, it also includes instructions to make them with an AccuQuilt 8" cube. While I already had the pattern, my first wait was for my order of the 8" cube which really made cutting and piecing a breeze.

I'm delighted that I'm finished.  As the newlyweds do not read quilting blogs, I feel safe to share pictures of this quilt with you today.  It will be given to the young couple this week and I sure hope they like it.  I certainly  love the Exploding Hearts design by 

I'll be delivering this quilt to the newlyweds this week.  I'll confess I have another project which I set aside to work on this one, which I want to focus on next, I really do see making many more "Exploding Heart Quilts" in my future.  It is a beautiful design, the pattern is well written and easy to follow and simply a heartwarming quilt to make.  

I don't care if I quilt like a Sloth, I enjoyed every stitch!


MissPat said...

It's as important to enjoy the process as it is to produce a lovely gift for friends. I would never be able to make quilts to order because the pressure of a deadline would be off-putting for me. That said, the projects I actually finish are usually those gifts that have a deadline like a new baby or Sarah's H2H challenge. Anyway, you're Exploding Heart is beautiful and well worth the wait.

Snoodles said...

Oh, that cute sloth is definitely saying, "I finished it!" Heehee! Your Exploding Heart finish is just stunning; I know the happy couple will treasure it. I so appreciate all of the process notes that you gave us as you posted on the progress. Maybe I will add that to my list of projects......

teachpany said...

It's gorgeous. Congrats on the finish, and the sloth comparison is funny. I think I have sloth quilts, too. Great job on the photos! I'm hoping my suggestions helped.

Raewyn said...

We had a saying we used to use when encouraging children's creativity - "It's the process, not the product" - I'm sure that is exactly what the Sloth is thinking. Enjoying making the quilt and the pleasure from quilting it yourself means there is even more love and joy sewn into it. Well done on the beautiful finish. I'm sure it will be very much treasured.

QuiltGranma said...

You need to see the movie Zootopia to understand, the sloth is a Department of Motor Vehicles employee! giggle! At least NOW here in the states they make appointments rather than have everyone show up at once! Always lovely to get a finish!