Monday, April 12, 2021

Bee Happy - Create Happy

Let's start with acknowledging another weekend is over.  Yes, it is Monday.  This past year I didn't keep track of what day it was and find I really need to "learn" days, weeks, months again.  Time to get out of those sweat pants, make plans and go outside!  I'm not trying to encourage wild parties, but definitely pointing out life is getting better.

This past Friday I actually went out to a restaurant, enjoying yummy food, sunshine and good company and conversation with a dear friend.  I haven't eaten at a restaurant in well over a year.  

Where I live in California we are doing well and many businesses, including restaurants are starting to take steps to return to normal business.  Well, technically indoor dining is limited to 50% capacity, but the restaurant we opted to go to has a really large patio area and another nice tent area, with every guest group seated a good six feet a part.  

Needless to say, I was proud of myself for not hyperventilating and I felt pretty darn close to normal.  And my friend, a fellow quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiast and I had great fun talking about what we've accomplished this past year, as well as learned.  It is fun to look back and think about what you have created this past year.  But as I'm a slow Sloth type of creative person, I'm sure you've created more than I have this past year, past month, past week, etc..

What are you creating this week?   I'll share what I'm up to, if you'll share what you are working on (comments below always appreciated).

First, you may recall I recently finished a project (aka Exploding Hearts Quilt).  So what should I "start" next"?

Officially,  I originally thought I'd be getting back to a WIP, but as it took so long, I think it should be called a UFO.  To clarify, I'm planning to get back to freemotion quilting/ruler work of the Nine Sisters king size quilt I was working on, when I changed my priorities to make the Exploding Hearts Quilt for a wedding gift for a young couple that had to cancel their big wedding plans in 2020, yet realized in January 2021 a "big" wedding probably wasn't going to be realistic this year, so they opted to get married at a local courthouse.  

Later, I'll share more photos of my Nine Sisters quilt, but for now here is a close up of one of the squares I'm doing ruler work on (and thoroughly enjoying it).

But before I can officially start back working on my Nine Sisters quilt, I need to clean and organize my sewing room.  My goal for 2021 was to take time after every finish to do a thorough cleanup and organization, before I start another project (or a UFO).  Still, I'll confess my "squirrel" personality says it is ok to do a few things while cleaning.  For example, I can feel productive while cleaning if I have my embroidery machine going while I'm cleaning.  Later, I'll show more details on the ME project I'm stitching out.  I really like the detailed stitching as well as all of the colors (not shown).  

Can you guess what else I've been up to?

No, I'm not trying to make snow.

I'm using my eBosser and "Cross Stitch" dies from Waffle Flower.  It has been easy, fun and fast to cut card stock paper with the dies which I plan to cross stitch and use to make "Happy Mail" greeting cards this summer.  I was inspired by such cards which I found on Pinterest:

Creative possibilities are endless.  Would you consider receiving a greeting card with cross stitch on it as "Happy Mail"?

 I hope you are having fun and creating items that ultimately give hugs and happiness.  I hope to finish cleaning and organizing my sewing room ASAP, so I can get back spending more time creating!


MissPat said...

We also ventured out to a restaurant on Sunday to celebrate my husband's birthday. We did go to our local pub on Friday night for a fish fry which was my first meal "out" in a year. Even though fully vaccinated, I still feel the need to proceed cautiously, given the surges that keep happening.
As far as quilting, I am sewing the binding down on a baby quilt which I will be mailing in time for the baby's first birthday in June. And I've started a baby quilt to donate to the Little Lambs Foundation as part of the H2H challenge over at Sarah's "Confessions of a Fabric Addict". But spring has sprung here in western NY and the garden also beckons, so finishing up some UFO's may take a while.

Barbara said...

We’ve been going to restaurants a few times too. It’s one of the things I’ve missed most in the pandemic. I’m interested in your little cross-stitch dye. Gonna have to take a look at that.

QuiltGranma said...

what I've been doing for teh last couple of weeks, and will be continuing to do is let my rt wrist/arm at wrist heal from a break! I'm in a cast, and it is cumbersome! So I am even slower than you. I got very little sewn last year as I needed a new hip, which I got almost a week before the break! The hip is healing nicely now. We've enjoyed restaurant food lately too. Oregon has opened up some more, and it was nice to enjoy Thai food again.