Monday, January 25, 2021

Update: Wedding, Exploding Hearts QAL, Spa Time

 The young couple planning to get married during the pandemic were able to pull it off.  While they have been engaged for sometime and had hoped they could have a big wedding this year, they opted to be married at the County Courthouse where they were allowed two witnesses (mothers of the bride & groom).   They remain hopeful that post-pandemic they can have a 2nd wedding, their dream wedding, aka big wedding.  But they are in love and are now happily married!  A small blessing in these crazy times.

As previously mentioned, I'm making the newlyweds an Exploded Hearts Quilt, designed by  Laura of Slice of Pi Quilts.   And, I'm having loads of fun by also participating in her fun Quilt Along.  Still time to join, if you are interested.  I joined late as I ordered an AccuQuilt 8" cube, which I've been wanting for some time.  It was worth the wait and helped me easily cut and sew all the blocks for this quilt.  I'm now starting to sew the rows together.  For more info on this QAL check out:

The majority of fabrics came from my stash.  I had a good background fabric in my stash, but I spotted a better one in a local quilt shop.  At the same time, I found two other shades of pink which I wanted to include.  Of course, I also wanted to give business to a local quilt shop.  

Now, I've decided to make two of these quilts to compensate all the fabric I cut.  I have all the blocks sewn for one quilt top and I'm working on sewing my rows together.

My favorite sewing machine, a Bernina 830e decided she wants to go to the spa.  I was planning on sending her, but admittedly hoping to do so "after" I finished the Exploding Hearts Quilt.  This is going to be a busy week, with a lot of planning.  I'll drop her off at the spa today.

My 2nd favorite machine (still a wonderful machine, is my Bernina 730e.  I'm setting her up this morning to begin sewing the rows together for my Exploding Hearts quilt.  While old, she is a good machine and I love sewing with her too!  I just prefer the 830 with the larger bobbin and long neck.  Both are wonderful machines which I can't imagine life without. 

 Still, I wonder what will be the next machine Bernina releases and will it become my new favorite?  

If I had a larger sewing room, I'd definitely get a Bernina Q 20.

If you are a Bernina Gal, you might want to check out that Bernina has a call out for 2021 Bernina and Bernette Brand Ambassadors.  

This is a busy week, but I'm still hopeful to spend some time in my sewing room each day.  How about you?  

Wednesday, my DH and I have appointments for our #1 Covid Shot.   We are excited and hopeful.

Thursday, I'm scheduled to donate blood.  I need to confirm that it will be a non-issues given I'm now scheduled to get a covid shot the day before.

What are you up to this week?  I hope what ever you do you find time to enjoy and create.


Raewyn said...

It's great to hear you are making such good progress on your quilt/s.....and that the couple were able to get married. It's been a while since my machine (also a Bernina) has had a spa holiday and probably something I should start planning!

Barb said...

Making are ambitious!!! Love your machines and the new one that has come out...oh boy!!! I have only had one Bernina in my life time and it was pretty good. Have fun sewing

Rebecca Grace said...

How funny that your 830 "informed you" that she needed to go to the Spa. Hah! I had a 200E/730E that I sold when I bought my 750QE. And, FWIW, there are THREE women in my quilting bee who own the Q20, and I know another quilter through my church who has one, too. I have heard nothing but raving reviews, so if you need encouragement... ;-)

Karin said...

I like that white speckled fabric...too cute! That looks like a fun quiltalong actually, but I have to restrain myself...too much to do.