Monday, December 31, 2018

Welcome 2019 - Happy New Year

Creative Latitude is my personal blog.  I'll confess I haven't spent much time sharing here, but one of my goals in 2019 is to do more sharing this year. 

Today, I want to welcome in 2019.  My DH is preparing a yummy breakfast and serving Memosas.  I'm enjoying watching the Rose Bowl Parade on TV (happy to be tucked under a quilt and not outside in the cold). 

I also want to share insights for my goals this year.  Of course, I'd also enjoy hearing your goals too!

What will 2019 bring for you?  Well, for me, my word of the year will certainly be "Focus" and fight to keep my internal squirrel under control to accomplish my goals for this year:

  • Learn a new technique 
  • Finish a pile of UFOs
  • Create a quilt using a challenging design  (yes, a personal challenge)
  • Make more charity quilts - as there are so many in need of a good quilty hug!
  • Continue to build on my freemotion quilting skills
  • Publish!  Yes, I want to challenge my skills to officially publish at least one of my own designs.

As mentioned, I'd honestly love to hear what your goals are for 2019?  I'm not one to use goals completed/uncompleted by a metric to judge, but to me goals are a way to help us determine where we want to "try" to focus.  And, sharing them helps us get to know each other better and identify ways to encourage and support each other.

Whatever your goals are for 2019, I do wish you much happiness, good health, and plenty of time to enjoy and be creative.  Let's make creativity infectious in 2019.  Spread good cheer and #CreativeGoodness.


MissPat said...

Happy New Year, Darlene.
Like many others, I want to clear out some UFOs, WIPs and PIGs, whatever you choose to call those languishing projects.
I also want to do more donation quilts and would like to find a local group to donate to, so I can reduce shipping costs.
I'm finally going to rent time on the longarm at an LQS and take a class to learn how to use it. This has been on my list for a while, but now I have two commission quilts that are just too big to quilt on my Bernina, so it's time to try the longarm.
I need to reduce the fabric stash and keep using the scraps which seem to multiple like rabbits.
And then there will be the squirrels that need to be chased.
So I guess it's time to get busy.

Barbara said...

Oh...the usual goals, but the one I really want to keep is to get back to walking 10K steps per day. Starting tomorrow. Making dinner for the family today. I might get in the 10K without even trying. As for sewing, I want to get my oldest projects (four of them) to flimsy stage. If I can do that, I’ll be very happy.

Raewyn said...

Happy New Year! Already I am working on deadlines and "must-do's " for work, but I do ned to spend some time coming up with a plan for this year so I can come out the other end with a sense of achievement! I do like your word for the year - Good luck with your goal :-)

Karin said...

Have done some words...just trying to sort out what to do next. Also committed to clean up my blog which I already started. Personally I will have to make some decisions around retirement which I seem to be putting off.
By the way, see one of your goals is publishing one of your designs...happy to help and provide feedback, examples etc.

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Such a positive post! My word for the year is Fortitude. Good luck with your goals!