Wednesday, April 18, 2018

And The Point Is ?

Do you like to work on a project while traveling?  Do you have a favorite to recommend?  I often do hand piecing, hand quilting projects, including English Paper Piecing projects while traveling.

In 2017, my largest project (at home with a machine) was a King Size + quilt, using the free Jacob's Ladder video tutorial and pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop.   But large projects mean a lot of scraps that I like to find ways to use.

I had quite a bit of scrap fabric, from the backing, when I trimmed to add binding.  BTW - I used two sided binding for this project as I couldn't find a fabric that would work with both front & back.  I really liked the 2 sided binding.   This picture shows the batik backing fabric with the dark brown/grey side of the binding.

And here is a picture that shows the binding side for the top of the quilt (blue binding on a grey border, folded over where you can see that the blue in this binding didn't work with the backing fabric, thus I opted for 2 sided binding).

That left over scrap fabric of the batik backing I decided to cut to make an orange peel quilt.  I used EQ8 software to plan it out.  As I wasn't dealing with yardage, but 4 left over strips of fabric (cut from my backing), I was still able to use EQ to plot out how much fabric I needed.  And, it helped me to decide how large I could make this Orange Peel quilt, given I was limited on fabric.  It will end up being a lapsize quilt.

I've prepared my fabrics for hand sewing orange peels this summer, while traveling and have started hand sewing using Aurifil Threads.

One trip I wasn't planning on making, but I was glad I had this project kitted and ready to go, took me to Urgent Care a week ago today.  There was lots of time to hand quilt, while waiting.

Why you ask?  Well, I stepped on a handsewing needle and about 3/4" of it broke off and got stuck in my foot.  I tried soaking, but no luck to remove it.  I endured all day Thursday, but was convinced by hearing horror stories from quilting friends about broken needles, so I went to Urgent Care Friday morning.  To my surprise, my nurse was also a quilter who seemed to fully understand my situation.

Typically, I deal with pain pretty well.  But the angle of this needle made it painful to walk, even painful to press the pedal of a sewing machine.  But the  shot by the Doctor to numb my foot probably hurt worse than anything I can remember.  I'm happy to report after a week of stepping on that needle, my foot is really doing great.  It still needs time to heal, but I'm able to walk.

My point?

While none of us intentional drop needles, nor do we want to step on a needle, this type of accident happens to more quilters than one may realize.  While we may prefer to go barefoot, quilters need to wear shoes always.  Even flipflops would have protected my foot from stepping on a needle.  Thus, I want to encourage all my quilting friends to try to remember accidents can happen - wear shoes!

Even though surgery was Friday afternoon, we caught a plan to Hawaii early Sunday morning.  Some have expressed concern about my safety in Hawaii, as they are hearing about the flooding.  We are on the Big Island and the serious flooding damage has happened on Kauai.   Local news is showing many have lost their homes, cars and entire landscape.  I think they received 22" of rain in a 24 hour window.  Another big storm is coming in tonight and will most likely cause more flooding in Kauai, as well as parts of the Big Island (not where I'm staying in Kona).  

We did go diving this morning.  Water visibility wasn't great, but after a week of not much exercise (due to my foot) it felt good to be in the water and exercise.  We enjoyed being entertained with 4 Manta Rays, as well as many beautiful fish.   Here is a short underwater video that my DH created. If you have headphones you may want to put them on and enjoy the music.

Please don't forget my point - quilters should wear shoes, even flip flops even when inside their home.  I hope you never know the pain of stepping on a needle, nor having to experience a doctor "digging" into your foot to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.  Trust me, the xray doesn't help, nor does magnets.


PS -  I'll share more about my summer project (Orange Peel project) as I progress, here on Creative Latitude, my personal blog.  Happy to have you follow me here.


Marian said...

That is so awesome, I loved the video. Have always thought the Manta Ray was a beautiful fish, but it was a great experience to see them up alive and so close like that. I can't imagine hurting your foot like that, and am sad you had to go thru that experience. I do know water is one of the most soothing ways to help you tho when you have a pain in your foot, it's really helpful for me also when I have to deal with those issues I have also. Not that I stepped on a needle, but when my psoriasis is acting up, and even though water isn't good for psoriasis, I still use it to help ease the pain at times.

Thanks for sharing the experience, if I knew how to swim, I know I'd be in that water enjoying that experience to as I've always had a fascination with the world under the sea.

Karin said...

Wow...that sounds terrible. Definitely will remember your warning...can’t imagine anything worse. Glad it’s dealt with and you are having a beautiful break.

Raewyn said...

Gosh highs and lows in this sorry to hear about your injury but am pleased that you are healing and was able to get away on holiday - enjoy! Nice to see your quilts and what you are working on too :-)

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

So glad your foot is better! Underwater is such an ethereal thing, wonderful video! It brings back memories of our trips to Hawaii.

Barb said...

I know I should wear some sort of shoe, I was wearing house shoes but these feet want to breathe....but I am trying to remember to do so. Thanks for your post and the beautiful video. Glad your foot is healing.

Barbara said...

I always wear shoes because I have problems with my feet. Nevertheless, I did step on a needle in my sewing room once while wearing sandals (what I call “river runners). The needle went right through the sandal and into my foot. Fortunately, Mike happened to be standing there with me because I couldn’t pull it out myself. He got a pair of pliers and pulled it out. No harm done, but such a weird accident. Glad your foot is healing well.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm very careful with pins, etc. I have one friend that comes and sews, and I always get down on my hands and knees after she leaves, to pick up all the pins she has dropped. Hope your foot heals quickly. Safe travels.

Needled Mom said...

OUCH!!!! However, recovering in Hawaii sounds like a great plan to me. Can you send some of that excess rain our way? That is a lot of rain!

I'm a shoes on person at all times - whether sewing or not. I have jammed my toes way too many times before figuring it out!

I love those peel blocks. That is going to be a beautiful quilt.

Safe travels!

Carol S. said...

That sounds painful, but hanging out in Hawaii definitely is a great way to heal. I'm barefoot almost all the time, especially when sewing. Thanks for the reminder that those needles aren't fun to step on!

teachpany said...

Glad you are improving, and yes, I (almost) always wear shoes or slippers. I'm also careful about pins and needles because of my dog. I don't want her getting hurt, either. Thanks for your diving videos. I really do enjoy the peace they provide. I dove, once, and would love to do it again.

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Yikes! That sounds painful, Darlene! I always wear my Birkenstocks in the studio and am super careful about ins and needles due to the two cats - it would probably be more painful (in my wallet) if I had to take Victor or Teeka to get a needle removed ;) Glad to hear you are recuperating in Hawaii. Enjoy your vacation.

Quilting Babcia said...

Ouch! That makes me shudder just to think about it. I'm extremely anxious and careful about dropped pins and needles (everything stops and doesn't resume until it is found, no matter how long it takes) since we have a 10 month old puppy and he obviously can't wear shoes. Enjoy your vacation, you deserve it after last week.

QuiltShopGal said...