Monday, April 11, 2022

Sunflowers - What Do They Mean To You?

 Have you seen any billboards with Sunflowers ?

I would love to see such a billboard.  If you see one, I hope you will let me know where you saw it and what you thought when you saw it!

On a positive note, I am hearing about Ukrainians who have traveled to Mexico and are now clearing the US border.  A church and many volunteers, close to the border, have taken these people into their care.  News reports appear to sound like many are greeted by friends and relatives as soon as they cross the border (enter the US) and others are staying in US shelters for 1-2 days before they can get flights out of San Diego to join family members or host sponsors who live somewhere in the US.  And, all of these Ukrainians are positive that they will be able to return home to Ukraine soon.  

Did you know you can send a message to the White House?  

The Genocide in Ukraine and the scale of the war is heavy on my heart.  I can't look the other way and while no one wants to send their sons to war, no one wants to see WW3, I don't think America is doing enough to stop Putin.  Thus, I need to go dark on my blog for awhile.  My heart just isn't into it right now.  

Friday, April 8, 2022

Fun Friday - What Have Darlene and Sally Been Up To? What are You Up To?

 Sally and Darlene hope you are having a fabulous Friday (and have a wonderful weekend).  We thought we'd share a little peek into what we've been up to recently.  Of course, we'd love to hear what you've been up to too!

You may remember that while Darlene enjoys freemotion quilting and ruler work quilting, she just can't seem to stitch swirls.  So, when Gina Perkes (Copper Needle) released another quilting ruler the swirl design spoke to Darlene and she ordered it.  It is called "Anne" and comes in both High Shank and Low Shank thickness.

Needless to say, Darlene is having a blast quilting swirls using the Anne ruler.  She hopes to finish this baby quilt I designed shortly and plans to release it as a free applique' baby quilt pattern, as well as a machine embroidery design option for those with BabyLock IQ Designer machines (or Brother machines which have similar functionality.

Darlene found this ruler super easy to use on a domestic machine (and understands it is compatible with mid-arm and longarm machines too).   She will definitely be using it many times in the future.

Sally has been working with Darlene to make some Easter theme charms.  We didn't have a grommet kit to punch the hole for the chain and were disappointed with our early attempts to attach the chain.

We couldn't find any 3/16" grommet kits in local stores, so Darlene ordered a set from Amazon late one night.  To our delight it arrived quite early the next morning.  Sadly it was 3/8" not 3/16" and needed to be returned.  Darlene placed another order, which again the kit was too large and needed to be returned.  On the 3rd try, Darlene's order came in the correct size.  Please don't think the blame had anything to do with Amazon, as Darlene simply clicked on the 3/8" kits that appeared in her search when she wanted a 3/16" kit.  Her bad!  

Both of us like the look of the grommets and are having fun finishing these charms.  Some will be given to family, friends, neighbors who are local and others will be sent out in little Happy Mail packages.  Just a little something to let randomly selected blog followers, who have signed up for Happy Mail, know that we are thinking of them.  We wish we could send Happy Mail out to everyone, but unfortunately it isn't in our budget, so we use a random approach to surprise those who have signed up.

Again, Sally and Darlene hope you are having a wonderful Friday and also have great weekend with plenty of time to enjoy and create.  And, don't forget to spread goodness, joy and smile with others.  We can never have too many reasons to smile and there are many who have life matters going on which make it hard for them to find a reason to smile. So, I hope you an share yours!

Darlene finds inspiration of Lady Di and what a kind person she was.  She certainly led a wonderful life, spreading kindness where ever she went.

What have you been up to?

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Smile it's Saturday - Not Monday Mixup


I am probably going to confuse everyone with a Saturday post, but I'm thinking of you and wanting to wish you a wonderful Saturday that is full of fun, creativity and reasons to smile.

I also have a mix-up of not necessarily related things to share with you today and couldn't wait for Monday Mix-up.  So, please don't think this is Monday.

Have you noticed skyrocketing gas prices?  Sally and I are quite upset as they are impacting our creative budget, meaning we have less time to go out to lunch, shop, etc..  Boo hoo!

We chuckled when we saw this sign:

But, we have found some ways to shop without spending all our money on silly gas prices!   And, they are quite fun too!  

Shopping online took on a whole new level during Covid and to our delight these fun ways to shop are still going on, even when most of us can visit a quilt shop in person.    Some of these opportunities are hosted via Facebook Live, some via Apps.  All fun, offer creative inspiration, tips, tutorials, great prices and ways to get free shipping.  We now consider what gas would cost to drive to the store vs shopping via these virtual opportunities and with free shipping, we feel we actually get a bigger saves (e.g. no gas cost).  To clarify, we could easily spend $20-$30 round trip to visit our local quilt shops so we view we have an extra $20-$30 to spend virtually.  How much gas money are you spending to visit your local quilt shops?

To clarify, both Darlene and Sally enjoy the creative inspiration, learning and shopping virtual at these events:

Cozy Quilt Shop/Cozy Creative Center hosts a Monday Night Live event on Facebook that is packed with fun, inspiration, good deals & steals (aka daily deal) and more.  They also host a monthly Embroidery Club via Facebook Live.  You can make purchases during these events by creating a free account at:     And you'll get free shipping when your orders are over $100 in the US.

Gloria Horn Sewing Studio hosts a Facebook Live event on Fridays called "Fabric Frenzy".  Her fabrics are good quilting quality and price, but she has held several episodes where she has been selling beautiful fabric for $6.50/yard. You can also purchase items showcased during this events by creating a free account at:   And you'll get free shipping on orders +$50 for orders in the US.


AccuQuilt is hosting a free virtual event with Marjorie Busby.  They will be announcing a New die release and giving out Prizes from FIGO Fabrics!  It is not on Facebook, but to attend you need to sign up via their website.   They also have specials for their new dies, during this event and often offer free shipping with a minimum purchase (~$100 ?).

When: Tuesday, Apr 5 from 12-1pm CDT

Ok, Sally and Darlene want to share what we've been working on lately:

 BTW - I created the boat and crab designs using the IQ Designer functionality in my Babylock Solaris 2.

We had fun doing machine embroidery on foam beverage cozies and are thinking these might be good Happy Mail gifts if stitched with quilty designs or quilty words of encouragement.  What do you think?

And we stitched machine embroidery designs for my BIL.  The above design was one I created using the IQ Designer functionality in my Babylock Solaris 2.  Have I told you how much I love this machine?  I absolutely love sewing, quilting and embroidery with my Solaris 2.  

We also stitched out this happy elephant applique' for a baby quilt.  It is now under the needle for FMQ.  I hope to share this "finished" very soon.

What is under your needle this weekend?  What ever you are up to I hope you have fun and plenty of time to be creative and enjoy!  

Monday, March 28, 2022

Sally's Creative Recommendations For Spring and For Easter

Hi, this is Sally here today, taking over for Darlene.  Today she is busy making items for sending Happy Mail to blog followers (more on this shortly).   

Today, I want to share my creative recommendations for creating items to decorate your home, or for gifts, for Spring, as well as Easter!  

April Showers Table Topper by Barb Gaddy (pattern for sale at InchWorm Fabrics). They have a lovely selection of fabrics, as well as patterns and supplies, all at great prices too!

We all Sew has a tutorial to make this cute Burlap Bunny Door Hanger, by Sue O’Very-Pruitt, owner of Sookie Sews.  And they have a free machine embroidery  design you can download to stitch this out in the hoop!

Easter Peeps Mug Rug is adorable and there is a free tutorial by The Seasoned Homemaker.

Easter Table Topper,  by Amanda Murphy is a free pattern you can get via clicking on this image on Amanda's blog and signing up to receive it via email.

Kreative Kiwi has a Free In The Hoop Easter Bunny, that is adorable. It is also perfect to add a pocket and fill with treats!  

They also have a super cute Free In The Hoop Bunny Mug Rug.

DIME also has several free machine embroidery designs which are perfect for Spring projects

As I mentioned earlier, I inspired Darlene to create some Easter theme projects for Happy Mail.  These can be used in a variety  of ways, but she is turning them into refrigerator magnets and charms. Maybe you will want to make these too!  Tattered Stitch Embroidery has an adorable Bunny in a Basket design and a Bunny Charm!  

But some of our blog followers will receive a special Easter theme Happy Mail package from us shortly.  Who has received a Happy Mail package from us?  Who might like to receive a happy bunny/happy mail package from us?

Thanks for popping by today.  I hope you like the creative ideas I shared with you today.  I have loads more and can come up with creative ideas faster than I can eat free peanuts, so I'm always delighted to share some of my ideas with you.  I really don't understand why Darlene doesn't create something for every idea I give her!

Friday, March 11, 2022

Fun Friday: Sending You Smiles, Happy Mail


Welcome to another Fun Friday.  I was recently reminded that we all have the power to make this a fun day, a happy day and to share happiness with others.  Don't forget the World needs more happiness!

What makes you smile?  I'd really like to know, so feel free to leave a comment and share what makes you smile.  I suspect we have a few things in common which make us smile, but feel free to share what you think are common reasons to smile, as well as any unique to you reasons to smile.  Maybe some will give ideas to others, or simply make us smile knowing they make you smile!

Whatever you do, please do more of what makes "you" smile.

Speaking of what makes you smile (what makes us smile) Sally and I mailed out more Happy Mail packages and cards to as many of our blog followers as we could afford.  We wish we could send out such a package to everyone, but postage expenses limit what we can manage.  Still, we want to let everyone know we are sending you a virtual smile and hug today.

Here are some sneak peaks to what is inside some of those Happy Mail packages:

Needless to say, sending Happy Mail makes us Happy.  Thinking of you, makes us Happy.  We hope you have a happy day, filled with plenty of time to enjoy and create.

Monday, March 7, 2022

Support for Ukraine

 Many of us are concerned about what is going on in Ukraine and sending positive thoughts and prayers.  I wanted to share a few ways we can help:

An Instagram post by Sashas Quilts has pulled at my heart for its sincerity and passion. Sasha lives in Western Ukraine and is donating all proceeds from the sale of her Rise of Freedom Pattern to various charity organizations to help the people of Ukraine. Her pattern is paper pieced but can easily be made with traditional piecing.

Embroidery Library has a free machine embroidery Heart design 

Apex Embroidery Designs has a free machine embroidered heart patch design:

Bonnie Hunter is planning a Hearts of Hope Sew-Along with the thought that quilts could be used as fundraisers to help people in Ukraine, as well as for endless ways to help. Look for the first part to drop on Friday, March 25th with additional parts to go live each Friday until we are done.  I'm thinking there will be 4 to 6 parts.

I learned about the Sobie Family, who live in Ukraine and are trying to help those in need living in Ukraine.  Jocelyn (Happy Cottage Quilter) shared this video and when I asked how I might be able to donate money to help those in need in Ukraine, thru this family, shared shared a link which also helped me make a donation via PayPal.  Should you want to help, here is the link:

My hearts and prayers continue to go out to the good people of Ukraine.